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It’s a weird time, because it’s not like there’s a music channel and you have to get the approval of whatever fuck-face is in charge.

If you have an audience, your videos can be seen even if they aren’t watered down.

My director, PJ Raval, and I, think of these crazy expensive looks, realise we can’t afford them and then just build it ourselves. Queer spaces are closing – there’s a limit to how far we can push it if we can only thrive within those contexts. But we’re still existing, and we have to stay visible. They’re like ‘fuck these bars, let’s make our own spaces’.

It’s this beautiful, janky, heartfelt, home-made message, and I love that about both of our work – we can see the care that goes into it. That these weirdos are doing that in the heart of Texas proves that something is still cooking.

Of course we’re going to get our work deleted from You Tube, but then you just put them on Vimeo!