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Melissa Holland was certain that her high school boyfriend, Michael Overstreet, was the man she'd always dreamed of.

But only after they were married did she begin to realize that her determination to live happily ever after had put her in danger.

“Some of them got up and talked and said how they were homeless, and she took them in and gave them a job. She didn’t want to see them on the streets.”Since inheriting her aunt’s bar, Storti has tried hard to class it up.“It had a really bad reputation, but it’s getting better,” she said.

“There were things going on here that probably shouldn’t have been going on, but that doesn’t mean it was all bad.

"It’s more country and homey.”As night buried the landscape in deep darkness on a recent evening, the hunters started pouring into the bar. But you come in here, there’s some gorgeous women that actually know what they’re doing.”He stood outside where about a dozen guys had gathered, taking a break from the entertainment. In the morning they’d all be back in their deer blinds alone; by night they’d be ready to come back here, to this unlikely strip club in the middle of the woods.